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The European Commission published new and updated guidance for Member States to accelerate deployment of renewable energy. The guidance relates to implementation of the obligations imposed on Member States under the revised Renewable Energy Directive. The guidance is as follows:

Permit-granting procedures and renewables acceleration areas

Renewable energy auction design

The guidance identifies ways to improve planning and permitting procedures and examples of good practice. The Commission states that, in particular, Member States should ensure that all network development projects enjoy the status of the highest national significance possible, where such status exists in national law, with all associated advantages in any administrative or legal proceedings. Member States should implement long-term network planning and anticipatory investment consistent with the planned expansion of renewable energy production capacities, taking into account future demand and the objective of climate neutrality.

Guidance also sets out data requirements when choosing areas to designate as renewables acceleration areas. Member States should swiftly remove regulatory barriers, identify data gaps and ensure early involvement of relevant stakeholders.

The guidance also sets out the elements in renewable energy auction design. It looks at use of non-price criteria, including in the areas of quality, contribution to supply chain resilience, environmental sustainability and innovation. Companies may seek EU-wide information on auctions via the Union Renewable Development Platform.

The Staff Working documents provide more detailed guidance on implementation of the relevant provisions of the Renewable Energy Directive.