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For many years our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme has been a reflection of these activities. As conceptual frameworks for corporate responsibility and sustainability have evolved in business, so too has our approach. We want to build on the solid foundation of our rich heritage of giving back to the community.

As a forward thinking firm, we are keen stay ahead. In 2020 we took the decision to evolve our CSR programme into something more. We want to voluntarily integrate social and environmental concerns into our decision making and our mainstream operations. We strive to continue to take responsibility for our impact on society and to integrate sustainable and responsible business practices into all of our decision making as a firm.

We understand that sustainability is a journey not just for us, but for all businesses today. Our clients are at various stages of their own Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) journeys, and our dedicated multi-disciplinary ESG lawyers work seamlessly together to assist clients with the identification and integration of ESG priorities at all levels of their business. You can read more about our ESG services on our ESG Hub.

Governance of our Sustainable Business programme is important to us. Our Sustainable Business Programme is overseen by the firm’s Sustainable Business Committee which consists of senior partners and business leaders from across the firm that report directly to the firm’s Management Committee. The programme is co-ordinated by a dedicated Sustainable Business Manager and is implemented by a number of sub committees with staff representation from all areas of the firm. Through this diversity we ensure success.

Arthur Cox Sustainable Business Impact Report 2022

At Arthur Cox we measure progress as we strive to do better in everything we do.

Constant progress is a key part of our purpose and culture as a business. We strive to think ahead, with ideas that make better experiences possible. Sustainability is a key business focus for us. Last year we published our inaugural Sustainable Business Impact Report. It provided context for many of our Sustainable Business programme activities with some of the history behind them.

This year we are pleased to report on our activities for the financial year 2021/2022. We want to showcase new activities and report on developments in many of our long-standing activities and partnerships over the past year. Being a sustainable business is one of key focuses of our firm’s strategy. We have a proud history of engaging in meaningful activities that benefit our people, communities and other stakeholders. However, we could not do the work that we do without the dedication of our people and the many organisations that we work with who ensure that we can contribute to driving change for a more sustainable future for everyone.

To read the 2022 Sustainable Business Impact Report click here.

To read the 2021 Sustainable Business Impact Report click here.

Our Sustainable Business Programme

Charitable Activities

When it comes to working with charities, we firmly believe in partnerships because that means there are benefits for everyone involved.
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Volunteering Activities

Our people want to contribute to the community in which we do business as a firm. Volunteering is part of the fabric of our culture at Arthur Cox.
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Pro Bono

Pro Bono work at Arthur Cox is an integral part of our sustainable business strategy. We believe that universal access to justice is essential to the rule of law.
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For us environmental sustainability involves the integration of environmentally sustainable activities as a key part of our decision making for our business.
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