Codes of Conduct Under the OSMRA

The Online Safety and Media Regulation Act or OSMRA will bring with it significant developments in how media is regulated in Ireland. Aoife Mac Ardle and Laura Dunne discuss the online safety codes for designated services to be developed by Coimisiún na Meán, which will regulate online media under the OSMRA.

Leveraging Compliance

New digital regulation forms part of a broader legislative framework for in scope organisations. Aoife Mac Ardle and Lorraine Sheridan look at how compliance officers can leverage their work under other regulatory frameworks to fulfil new obligations under the DSA.

Dark patterns are deceptive or manipulative practices that can users into making choices that they don’t intend to make. Aoife Mac Ardle and Aoife Coll discuss how the Digital Services Act looks to prohibit dark patterns and what areas still need further clarification.

Taking down Content, Handling Complaints and Redress under the DSA

The DSA puts in place obligations for intermediary services on how they handle complaints about the takedown of content posted on their platforms. Aoife Mac Ardle and Rosemarie Blake discuss the user journey when their content falls afoul of a platform’s rules, as well as what rights and other redress mechanisms are available to them under the DSA.

Illegal Content: Monitoring and Moderation under the DSA

One of the aims of the DSA is to make what is illegal offline, also illegal online. Aoife Mac Ardle and Ciara Anderson look at content moderation, how illegal content gets flagged and how the DSA looks to codify notice and takedown procedures, giving more clarity to what were generally self-regulated and voluntary programmes.

Digital Reform: Advertising – Transparency here we come

The Digital Services Act looks set to shake up the world of online advertising, with new regulations that have the aim of creating a safe, trusted and predictable online environment. Aoife Mac Ardle and David O’Connor discuss the detail, and what the changes mean for both advertisers and the recipients of online advertising.

Digital Reform: Children – Harmful content and protections

The Online Media and Safety Act has a particular focus on creating safer online spaces. This is especially true in the case of children, with a new regulatory concept of harmful content. Aoife Mac Ardle and Alison Peate discuss these new protections for children and how they might work in practice.

Digital Reform: What entities are caught by DSA / OSMRA?

There are significant legal and regulatory developments coming down the track for providers of online services in Ireland and the EU. Aoife Mac Ardle and Rory Curtis set the scene and look at the types of entities that are covered by the EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA) and Ireland’s Online Safety and Media Regulation Act (OSMRA).

Digital Reform: The DSA and the Compliance Function

The Digital Services Act requires entities to establish a compliance function that is independent of the operational functions of the business. Aoife Mac Ardle and Shay Buckley look at the detail of what will be required of these functions once they are set up.

Online Content: New Areas of Regulation

In this panel discussion from our Digital Reform – Insights and Regulators’ Perspectives seminar which took place in May 2023, Aoife Mac Ardle, Senior Associate in our Technology and Innovation Group, moderates a discussion on “Online Content: New Areas of Regulation”, focusing on the GDPR and the Digital Services Act. The topics discussed include children’s data, harmful content, online advertising and sponsored content, dark patterns, and operational compliance under the Digital Services Act.

For more information on the Digital Services Act, click here to read the key takeaways from our recent “Digital Reform – Insights and Regulators’ Perspectives” seminar.