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Our clients look to us for strategic advice and representation in crisis management situations. We work with you to develop crisis prevention and mitigation strategies and have a rapid-response team to support and safeguard your organisation if a crisis hits. Our approach demands the highest levels of knowledge, technical skill and service delivery and our advice adds real value.

We are highly experienced at assessing what is involved as soon as a crisis hits and then breaking that crisis down into distinct parts and dealing with each part in the most appropriate and effective manner.

Our extensive experience which includes regulatory investigations, corporate governance, cybersecurity, employment and disputes, bolsters our offering in managing crises. We have extensive experience working with our clients in delivering legal, commercial and reputational advice.

We also have extensive experience advising clients on disputes relating to publication and reputation, including those involving defamation, malicious falsehood, and internet and privacy issues. We also frequently advise clients involved in disputes, inquiries and investigations on their rights and obligations regarding the disclosure of information, such as by way of discovery and disclosure exercises, data subject access requests and freedom of information requests.

We frequently work closely with our clients’ PR and public affairs advisers, forensic accountants, data and IT analysts and risk and security advisers and utilising our in-house Legal Tech team, we deliver a highly coordinated, legally privileged plan for managing crisis situations.

We advise state bodies, public and private corporations, newspapers, broadcasters, social media companies, insurers, entrepreneurs, members of the business community and other private individuals.

Relevant Experience

  • Advising Chairs, Boards of Directors and Senior Executives in relation to all aspects of the response to crisis events having reputational impact
  • Advising on unexpected interventions by regulators such as An Garda Síochána and law enforcement authorities, The Data Protection Commission, The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, The Director of Corporate Enforcement, regulators of the professions and sectoral regulators
  • Advising and assisting clients on the appropriate response to Protected Disclosures/whistleblower reports
  • Advising on many significant investigations and inquiries, including Commissions of Investigation, Tribunals of Inquiry and Parliamentary Inquiries and Committees
  • Advising on the misappropriation of IP and confidential data
  • Advising on appropriate legal remedies, including injunctive relief where required