Cian McCourt, Partner and Head of the Corporate and M&A Group, and Lesley-Ann Perera, Of Counsel in the Corporate and M&A Group, have contributed a Guide on cross-border joint ventures and strategic alliances in Ireland to LexisNexis.

The Guide discusses relevant law and practice relating to the formation and operation of cross-border joint ventures, including corporate and contractual joint ventures, in Ireland and offers insight on critical questions including the:  

  • structuring options available and the key considerations that impact the choice of structure;
  • statutory frameworks that govern these structures;
  • procedures to be followed, documentation required and filings to be made when forming a joint venture/strategic alliance in Ireland;
  • key considerations around the members/partners in such arrangements including levels of equity and voting participation, forms of contributions, restrictive covenants, exits and termination;
  • management of these structures;
  • allocation of profits, losses and distributions; and
  • rules governing joint ventures/strategic alliances with foreign parties.

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