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The Government’s latest Housing for All update was published last week and includes housing delivery statistics for Q1 2024 as well as updates on priority housing actions. We consider the updates on proposed legal actions below.

Private Rented Sector (PRS) Review

The Government’s review of the PRS sector is on track for delivery in Q2 2024. The review will consider regulatory changes in the sector in recent years and will draw conclusions on how the housing system can be enhanced to provide an efficient and secure framework for landlords and tenants. The final report will include potential avenues for policy change to be considered by Government. It remains to be seen if the report will recommend the extension of Rent Pressure Zone legislation which is due to expire on 31 December 2024.

Funding of Land Development Agency (LDA)

The update notes further funding of the LDA – up to €1.25 billion from the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund and another €1.25 billion from other sources which the LDA can raise through the performance of certain functions outlined in the Land Development Agency Act 2021. This brings the LDA’s available funding to a total of €5 billion up to 2025. The statutory underpinning for the additional funding is in Section 67 of the Local Government (Mayor of Limerick) Act 2024.

Right of First Refusal Legislation

The update notes the delay in the publication of legislation giving effect to the Government’s decision to require a landlord selling a dwelling to first offer it for purchase to the tenant from Q1 2024 to Q2. The Government is considering the current draft Bill and the pre-legislative screening report, which made several recommendations in relation to the proposed legislation.

Land Value Sharing Bill

The update notes the delay in the publication of this Bill from Q1 2024 to Q2, pending receipt of legal advice from the Office of the Attorney General. The legislation will permit the State to secure a proportion of the uplift in land values resulting from zoning and designation to facilitate provision of infrastructure

Review of Part B of Building Regulations (Fire Safety)

The update notes the publication of the Building Regulations (Part B Amendment) Regulations 2024 (S.I. No. 108/2024) following a review of Part B of the Building Regulations (Fire Safety) and the associated technical guidance.

Conveyancing System Reform

The Government’s consideration of the LSRA’s report and reform proposals flowing from it has been delayed from Q1 2024 to Q2. The report, published on 11 April 2024, concluded that a new profession of conveyancer would only be viable as part of a range of other more significant and pressing reforms to digitise conveyancing. Our thoughts on the report (and the case of Michelle Maher v Dublin City Council which deals with issues relevant to digitising the conveyancing process) is here.

Building Standards Regulator

Proposals for the creation of an independent Building Standards Regulator to oversee building control nationwide have been delayed from Q1 2024 to Q2. A steering group report on the proposed scope, functions, role and structure of the Regulator is awaited to enable the proposals to be finalised for Government consideration.

Housing Commission Report

The Housing Commission is examining long-term housing policy, beyond 2030, including housing tenure, standards, sustainability and proposals on the wording for a referendum on housing. The Government was to respond to the report in Q1 2024 but the update states that, when received, the report will be considered over the course of Q2 2024.

Review of Approved Housing Bodies (AHBs)

The strategic review of the AHB sector has been delayed from Q2 to Q3 2024.