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The Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) has published its quarterly insurance newsletter (link below). 

Key themes from the newsletter are:

  • Enhanced monitoring of the impact of inflation – the CBI has observed a trend of insurers splitting inflation into various components, tailored to their own risk profile (e.g. general economic inflation and specific inflation measures which have a disproportionate impact on insurers).
  • Shortcomings observed in the thematic review of recovery plans – in particular, scenario analysis being insufficiently severe, over-dependence on group support, failing to describe how operations would be impacted by recovery options, and too much discretion around escalation, required actions and timeframes.
  • Key sectoral risks for (re)insurers – including inflation, volatile financial markets, deteriorating macroeconomic environment, geopolitical risks and operational risks (focused on cyber and outsourcing risks).
  • Consumer protection expectations in relation to data migration projects.

Insurance Newsletter – December 2022