Government publishes National Cyber Security Strategy – What’s your strategy?


Author: Gregory Glynn, Joanelle O’Cleirigh, Pearse Ryan

Ireland has the potential to become a global cyber-security hub. Nine of the top ten global software companies, all of the top ten global ICT companies and the top ten “born on the Internet” companies have major operations here. If any of these companies, or indeed any other international company that has found a home here, falls victim to a significant cyber-attack, there may be a serious risk of damage to Ireland’s reputation abroad as a great place to do business.

The National Cyber Security Strategy 2015-2017, published by the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources on 3 July, recognises this. It also recognises that, given the large number of data centric international companies here, Ireland faces a more complex set of risks than many other countries. Yet, information security and securing the long-term future of the tech sector is of crucial importance to the Irish economy.

The Strategy sets out the Government’s vision of a safe and reliable cyberspace and the measures proposed to achieve this vision.

Read the full briefing here.


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