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The Commission proposed revisions to the Clean Energy Package to strengthen obligations around grid development, essential to energy transition.

The Clean Energy package already includes mechanisms designed to provide industry with a dependable line of sight around grid development, and steps to be taken by Member States and regulatory authorities where investments are not executed. 

A Proposal for a Regulation would amend the Internal Market in Electricity Regulation ((EU/2019/943) and Directive ((EU) 2019/944) to require that both TSOs and DSOs publish in a clear and transparent manner information on the available capacity for new connections, including in congested areas if flexible energy storage connections can be accommodated, and update that information regularly, at least quarterly.

They would also have to provide clear and transparent information to system users about the status and treatment of their connection requests, within three months from submission of the request.  It has become so commonplace in Ireland that connection applications sit indefinitely in processing queues that we have come to accept it, but that is not compatible with European law.

TSOs and DSOs would be obliged to cooperate with each other in publishing information on the capacity available for new connections in their respective areas of operation in a consistent manner and giving sufficient granular visibility to developers of new energy projects and other potential network users.

There are also proposals around peak shaving and flexibility services.

The Commission invites feedback until 23 May 2023.

For more detail on how the proposals would amend Clean Energy Package legislation, our briefing is available here.