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We looked at the Government’s Climate Action Plan, required to be updated annually under the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Acts, here.

The more detailed Annex of Actions is now available here.

The Annex covers all sectors. Some of the actions of most interest to the electricity sector, particularly those developing renewable generation and storage capacity, are highlighted below.

Action number Actions Timeline Lead Stake-holders
EL/23/4 Prepare new draft wind energy guidelines for onshore renewables Q4 2023 DHLGH DECC
EL/23/5 Complete analysis to update Shaping Our Electricity Future to accommodate 80% renewables and align with carbon budgets and sectoral emissions ceilings for electricity Q2 2023 EirGrid
EL/23/8 Ensure MARA commences the consenting processes under its remit Q3 2023 MARA
EL/23/9 Publish a system-wide plan for the delivery of ORE in Ireland Q2 2023 Offshore Wind Delivery Taskforce
EL/23/14* Ensure that hybrid technology grid connections are facilitated, and remaining barriers removed Q4 2023 CRU EirGrid, ESBN
EL/23/15 Publish public consultation on private wires with published policy to follow and, if necessary, Government enact facilitating legislation Q4 2023 DECC DETE
EL/23/16 Publish updated Interconnection Policy to reflect Ireland’s increased climate and energy ambition, the revised EU TEN-E Regulation, Brexit challenges and the increased significance of hybrid interconnectors Q2 2023 DECC
EL/23/17 Following completion of DECC Interconnector Policy, CRU to update its Interconnection Policy Q4 2023 CRU
EL/23/18 Complete and publish System Services Future Arrangements Phase III: Detailed Design and Implementation Transition Pathway Q1 2023 CRU
EL/23/19* Prepare Implementation Plan for Future Arrangements for System Services Q2 2023 EirGrid ESBN
EL/23/20 Procure low-carbon inertia services Phase I by 2023, to be operational by 2025 Q4 2023 EirGrid ESBN
EL/23/21* Carry out further studies to identify the investments and upgrades needed to facilitate 80% renewable electricity annual share Q2 2023 CRU, EirGrid, ESBN
EL/23/22 Publish a policy framework for electricity storage based on electricity system needs Q3 2023 DECC
EL/23/23 Review the regulatory treatment of storage including licensing, charging and market incentive Q4 2023 CRU

Three further actions are set out for the new Offshore Wind Energy Taskforce. Actions on demand management include publication of a demand side strategy and implementation plan in Q4 2023.