10/06/2024 News

One of the new welcome changes relates to tap issues whereby the obligation to produce a new listing particulars shall not apply to securities fungible with securities already admitted to trading on GEM, provided that they represent, over a period of 12 months, less than 30% of the number of securities already admitted to trading on GEM.

Commenting on the changes, Helen Berrill, Director of Arthur Cox Listings Services, said: “After an intensive consultation with its stakeholders, Euronext Dublin published their updated rules for seeking admission to the GEM market. This change is another sign of Euronext Dublin’s aim to continuously improve their efficiency of its listing processes and rules and responding to the market’s needs. This allows for Issuers to list further securities, swiftly, efficiently and in the most cost effective manner.”

For more information and how to apply this change, please reach out to Helen or any member of the Arthur Cox Listings team to discuss.