06/03/2024 Diversity and Inclusion

We are proud to support this year’s Girls’ Public Speaking Competition, hosted by the Irish Federation of University Women (IrFUW).

An annual event since the 1950s, the Girls’ Public Speaking Competition is open to girls aged 15 and under across the country. It is an annual event designed to give young girls the opportunity to speak in public, in a safe space, while developing the skills needed for researching topics, public speaking, and competing.

The final of this year’s competition takes place on Saturday 9 March in UCD.

About the IrFUW:

The IrFUW, set up in 1924 by Trinity College Dublin and Queens University Belfast, is celebrating its Centenary this year. The IrFUW is affiliated with Graduate Women International and University Women of Europe.

Its aims include:

  • advocating for the advancement of the status of women and girls.
  • encouraging and enabling women and girls to apply their knowledge and skills in leadership and decision-making in all forms of public and private life.
  • promoting lifelong education for women and girls.
  • promoting international cooperation, friendship, peace, and respect for human rights for all.

Learn more about the Irish Federation of University Women here.