Who’s Going to Drive You Home? The Advent of Self-Driving Cars in Ireland


Author: Aaron Boyle and Chris Bollard

Developers of driverless cars around the world are facing a major hurdle; the absence of a legal framework that will allow their creations to be used on the road. This Briefing Note looks at how prepared Ireland is for the testing and arrival of driverless cars.

The Global Picture

In the race towards driverless technology being available to the public, Singapore is leading the field, with the first ever public trial of robo-taxi services launched in August 2016. The company behind the trial (nuTonomy) was the first company to get permission from the Singapore government to test the cars in small public area, and has now begun tests with passengers. The cars are still manned by a driver during this testing phase, however, the company intends to roll out a fully automated taxi service once approved.

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