Updated FIDIC Contracts 2017: What has Changed?


Authors: Niav O’Higgins, Karen Killoran and Niamh McGovern

FIDIC has long been the contract of choice for use on international construction and engineering projects, and is used in Ireland, notably on infrastructure and energy projects. FIDIC produced a core ‘Rainbow Suite’ of 4 contracts in 1999: the Red Book(for Building and Engineering Works), the Yellow Book (Plant and Design-Build), the Silver Book (EPC/Turnkey Projects) and the Green Book (short form contract).

In December 2017, the FIDIC Contracts Committee unveiled the much anticipated new suite of “Rainbow” Contracts, with the publication of amended Red, Yellow and Silver books. The last update to these contracts was 18 years ago, and the revisions to these contracts has been the subject of much discussion and debate in the construction industry. This article focuses on some of the main changes to the Yellow Book, many of which changes are also reflected in the revised Red and Silver Books.

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