The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015: The Persons of Significant Control Register


Author: Alan Taylor, Lynsey Mallon, William Curry, Andrew Jennings, Cahal Carvill, and Richard Armstrong

Incoming Companies House filing Requirements

The Small Business Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 (the “Act”) has recently created a new administrative obligation for UK companies, whereby a register of the people with “significant control” must now be maintained as part of the statutory registers and minute book of all such UK entities.

In addition; commencing from 30th June 2016:

a) existing UK companies will be required to include PSC Register information within their Companies House annual returns (or “confirmation statements” as they will become known); and

b) all new companies must include a “statement of initial significant control” within its incorporation application to Companies House.

Thereafter, changes must be made to the PSC Register as and when they have been confirmed, and such changes should be notified to Companies House on an annual basis as part of the annual return/confirmation statement (as applicable).

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