Protected Disclosures legislation shows its teeth with first ‘statutory injunction’ granted


Author: Kevin Langford and Michael Doyle

Just under two years since the Protected Disclosures Act 2014 (the “2014 Act”) came into force, it has been widely reported in the last few days that the first order for interim relief under the 2014 Act has been made by the Circuit Court in a case brought by two former employees of Lifeline Ambulance Service Limited (“Lifeline Ambulances”), a company owned by David Hall, the high profile mortgage campaigner.

In their proceedings, the two former employees, who had been made redundant by Lifeline Ambulances, sought reinstatement to their roles or the continuation of their salary until their unfair dismissal proceedings are heard by the Workplace Relations Commission. They did so in reliance on a provision of the 2014 Act whereby interim relief can be granted if an employee can show substantial grounds for contending that his/her dismissal was wholly or mainly due to having made a protected disclosure.

Employers should take note of this judgment as it demonstrates the strength of the protections for employee whistleblowers provided for in the 2014 Act.

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