Pensions Update Autumn 2015


This update applies to deferred benefit schemes and concerns the recently published Pensions Authority Financial Management Guidelines for Defined Benefit Schemes.

Summary Actions

  • Review governance arrangements for compliance with the guidelines.
  • Revise business plan to ensure an annual check against the guidelines occurs.


On 22 May 2015 the Pensions Authority (the “Authority”) published financial management guidelines for defined benefit schemes. The guidelines set out what the Authority sees as good practice for trustees to follow in order to understand and manage the funding and investment of their defined benefit scheme.

Trustees should ensure that they have access to adequate actuarial and investment advice. However, the responsibility for the scheme always rests with the trustees, who should therefore ensure that they understand the advice they receive and the decisions they as trustees are required to take.

Where in the guidance it is stated that action should be taken, this refers to recommended good practice. The guidelines supplement the Authority’s Trustee Handbook and do not set out all of the trustees’ compliance obligations.

The provisions are divided into four parts:

  • Data about the scheme that the trustees should have available to them
  • Governance practices relevant to financial management
  • Processes that the trustees should follow
  • Analysis that the trustees should undertake in order to arrive at decisions

Read the full briefing here.


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