New and Emerging Technologies: Challenging Existing Product Liability Rules


Isabel Foley, Partner and Domhnall Breatnach, Associate have contributed an article to Who’s Who Legal: Product Liability Defence 2018.

New and emerging technologies – such as autonomous, self-learning and artificially intelligent products, advanced robotics and the Internet of Things – are an increasing feature across a variety of sectors, including transport, healthcare, agriculture, IT, data management and communications. Such technologies offer a range of societal and economic benefits, from prevention of human error and failure, and improved safety, to increased productivity and economic growth. Although the existing EU and Irish product liability rules, which have been in place for many decades, have proven themselves reasonably flexible in adapting to the legal challenges faced by technological advancements in the pre- and early-digital age, new and emerging technologies present novel and more complex legal challenges. These new and emerging technologies raise a series of fundamental questions. Who is, and who should be, liable when they cause harm? Can the existing product liability rules be suitably adapted to accommodate these technologies and, if so, how?

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Reproduced with permission from Who’s Who Legal. This article was first published in WWL: Product Liability Defence 2018 here.


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