IPHA and the Government finally reach agreement on the supply and pricing of medicines in Ireland


Author: Colin Kavanagh and Ciara Farrell

On 20 July 2016, following much debate and lengthy negotiations, the Irish Government, the Health Service Executive (“HSE”) and the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (“IPHA”) signed the Framework Agreement on the Supply and Pricing of Medicines (the “Agreement”) .


The new Agreement, which came into effect on 1 August 2016, governs the supply and pricing of medicinal products that are included on the HSE Reimbursement List , supplied to, or reimbursed by, the HSE, State-funded hospitals or any other publicly-funded entities and State agencies providing similar services (“Hospital Medicines”), or subject to an application for inclusion on the Reimbursement List, or for supply or reimbursement as a Hospital Medicine.

Application to Non-IPHA Members

The previous Agreement stated that the agreement applied to “all suppliers” of products that fall within the scope above. However, the 2012 Agreement did not define the term “supplier” nor did it differentiate between IPHA member companies and non-IPHA member companies.

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