Good Decision-Making for Public Bodies, Guide 1: The basics


Author: Joanelle O’Cleirigh and Roberta Guiry

Every year the High Court deals with hundreds of applications seeking to challenge the decisions of public bodies. A total of 835 applications were made in 2014; 973 in 2013; and 998 in 2012. If you do not follow best practice when making a decision that affects the legal rights of others, you risk a legal challenge to your decision and becoming one of these statistics.

Our new series of Good DecisionMaking Guides highlight what is best practice in decision-making and offer simple and practical tips to reduce the risk of challenge to your decisions.

In this first Guide, we consider why it is important for decision-makers in public bodies to exercise care when making decisions; the common pitfalls in decision-making; and how a decision of a public body might be challenged.

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