Data Protection Ireland Journal (Volume 8 Issue 1) – Expert Comment, Rob Corbet


Author: Rob Corbet

The 2014 data protection year (as reviewed in the last expert comment) produced plenty of landmark developments, despite the lack of progress on the General Data Protection Regulation. Key amongst these internationally, the Data Retention Directive (2006/24/EC) was deemed invalid, individuals were given a (sort of) ‘right to be forgotten’, and we learnt that US courts expect to have a direct right of access to the data hosted on Irish servers. The post-Snowden debate on surveillance and counter-terrorism rumbled on to the point that privacy, data protection and lawful access to data issues were rarely out of the headlines.

Domestically, it was also an eventful year, with the appointment of new Data Protection Commissioner, Helen Dixon, the first personal prosecution of company directors for data protection breaches and the High Court’s referral of questions regarding the safety of the Safe Harbor regime to the Court of Justice of the European Union. It appears as though the year ahead could be equally eventful, so let’s peer into the crystal ball and anticipate what will be keeping privacy practitioners busy in 2015. Please click on the link below to read the article in full.

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