Who We Are

At Arthur Cox, we are committed to creating, developing and nurturing an inclusive and diverse workplace where individuals are valued and supported. We recognize that diversity means treating people as individuals so it is our mission to ensure everyone feels welcome, at ease and supported at all times.

We endeavour to create an inclusive and diverse work environment because it is the right thing to do. In a diverse workplace people are encouraged and inspired to reach their full potential all the while making the firm stronger and better.

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In Arthur Cox, we identify with five fundamental values that encapsulate what we believe in and represent who we are. The ethos of diversity and inclusion is deeply embedded in the organisational core values and the overall vision of the firm. Those values are:


  • Integrity

    Delivering on promises, honour, loyalty, probity and honesty


  • Performance

    Facing problems and solving them, strategic thinking, first class knowledge, results exceeding expectations, on time every time


  • Partnership

    Seamless service to clients, personable, approachable, available and informed, patience and humour, teamwork with clients and with other people


  • Responsiveness

    Taking ownership of clients’ problems, speed and relevance of response, anticipating future needs, understanding and responding to the clients changing needs


  • Innovation

    Outward looking, seeing the goals, finding solutions


Pictured (L-R): Simon Hanningan, Partner, Arthur Cox; Professor Imelda Maher, Dean of Law, University College Dublin; Grainne Hennessy, Partner, Arthur Cox; Kim Mackenzie Doyle, President, Institute of Designers in Ireland; Mark Fenton, CEO & Founder, MASF Consulting Ltd.

We concentrate on developing and implementing policies and initiatives that welcome, promote, and encourage while respecting the varying approaches and perspectives different identity groups bring to our workplace.


It is our objective to develop innovative initiatives to foster the growth and development of our inclusive work environment helping to promote diversity and prevent discrimination.


Under the leadership of our diversity partners Simon Hannigan and Grainne Hennessy, we champion a wide range of initiatives throughout the whole firm, including the Women in the Firm Initiative, LGBT+ Initiative and Ability and Health Initiative.  In June 2017 the firm launched a network called alliance with the aim of providing advice and support to LGBT+ employees and their allies through a series of seminars, workshops and networking events.


Arthur Cox is an equal opportunities employer. If you are interested in a career at Arthur Cox, please click here.