Corporate Social Responsibility

The Environment

We try to run our business in as environmentally friendly a manner as possible.  Our building at Ten Earlsfort Terrace has a Building Energy Rating (BER) of B-1 and is 26% more energy efficient than a current Building Regulation Compliant Building.  The building also has a LEED Platinum sustainability accreditation which is the highest environmental rating for fit-out.  Up to 40% of water used for WCs and urinal flushing comes from rainwater harvesting.  We have a combined heat and power unit generating up to 12% of building electricity for price of gas from renewable source with free heat for use in the building.   Our ice bank tunnel storage facility makes ice at night using reduced rate electricity and when this melts during the day it is used in the building’s air conditioning system.  Hot water for the building’s showers and wash hand basins is generated from solar thermal panels on the roof of the building.


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