On Track Projects Law Update

‘On Track’, the Arthur Cox Projects Law Update provides updates, news and commentary on legal issues that affect projects on the island of Ireland.

COMMUNICATIONS: Electronic Communications Regulatory Reform


Irish implementation of the new EU Electronic Communications Regulatory Reform Package Introduction Substantially reformed in 2003 by the so-called EU New Electronic Framework and to a lesser extent since then, electronic communications (including telecommunications, broadcasting and wireless telegraphy) regulation in... Read More

ENERGY: UK Electricity Market Reform


Skewing the Merit Order for NI Generators and the end of Nirocs? It is an extremely dynamic time for the Single Electricity Market (SEM) with significant domestic regulatory uncertainty around critical issues such as priority dispatch, review of the Capacity... Read More

NEWS: In Brief


A round-up of Projects Group news, what we have been up to and what’s coming up New appointments We are proud to announce that on foot of teaching and related commitments entered into recently with the Law School of Bangor... Read More