Inclusion and Diversity

Olga Poraniuk – Technology & Life Sciences

I am originally from Poland where I graduated from the University of Szczecin having obtained a Masters Degree in Law.

I started my traineeship in May 2012 and I have been assigned for my first rotation to the Technology and Life Sciences Group. As a trainee my main responsibility is to assist partners and associates in our group in their work and basically to try and make their lives easier. This might involve legalising documents for use in a variety of countries which means regular visits to the Department of Foreign Affairs and contact with a number of embassies. I am also assisting in a due diligence process which involves a review of relevant documents and cooperation with other groups across the firm. 

Trainees are often required to do a variety of research which allows us to familiarise ourselves with different legal matters our group deals with, such as: data protection, intellectual property, freedom of information requests and outsourcing. As such be prepared to write memoranda on specific matters – this will definitely help anyone to prove their writing skills! One of the most interesting research projects I have been involved in so far was research into the establishment of a pan-European patent court. I was asked to prepare a summary, which would outline the current position, background and any issues in respect of same. Currently I am responsible for keeping up to date on this issue, which has allowed me to ‘specialise’ in this field. 

Everyone in our group has been very helpful and supportive.