Inclusion and Diversity

Katherine Hayes – Energy & PPP

I studied Business and Law at UCD and my first rotation was in the Energy & PPP (Public Private Procurement) Group. At the beginning of my trainee programme my intake and I participated in talks from various people within the firm explaininghow the firm works, its values, structure and what is expected of an Arthur Cox trainee. IT and legal writing skills training were given as well as an introduction by a partner in my practice group of the type of work the group does. This introduction provided me with a firm basis and good understanding of my role and the skills which were required.Katherine HayesOn a daily basis, the work which I do is a mixture of correspondence, processing documents and researching.  In terms of processing documents, this would usually consist of: reading documents and contracts and familiarising myself with their content; proof-reading; checking consistency in terms; cross-referencing; drafting letters and other documents such as notices of assignment and non-disclosure agreements; updating documents where applicable (e.g. Memoranda and Articles of Association) and taking into account relevant changes in the law.

The research I have done has been on very interesting and current topics such as: occupiers’ liability; the precautionary principle; electricity market reform policy; assignment of charges under contracts; the new energy infrastructure package; restructuring of the water system in Ireland; the possible collapse of the euro and its contractual implications; the proposal for the new energy bill in Northern Ireland; the corporatisation of the water industry in Northern Ireland, Scotland and its privatisation in the UK; and the stimulus package of the government announced on 17 July 2012.

I have also worked with the Construction Group. This has given me the opportunity to be exposed to litigation and gave me a chance to go to the courts. It also gave me a feel for the practical aspects of litigation such as filing, swearing documents and making up briefs for counsel.

I think what makes Arthur Cox a great place to work is the quality of the people and work you will be dealing with. Everyone from partners to trainees is knowledgeable, efficient and always willing to help. There is a great sense of teamwork from within practice groups even to the “help!” emails among the trainees! Wherever you are there are people with the right attitude and experience to help you and further you in your professional career.