Inclusion and Diversity

James Lawless and Ann Marie Glynn – Environment and Planning

AnnMarie Glynn

Irish legislation governing environmental protection is a detailed, complex and constantly evolving area of law. Much of our time is spent examining different provisions of acts, statutory instruments, EU regulation and directives and guidance documents. As environmental law is also an evolving area of law, the significance of recent case law is vital for day-to-day practice. The Arthur Cox Environmental Group is part of the wider Litigation I Group, and so we are also occupied with the standard work of preparing booklets for court, lodging court documents and attending hearings.

We often work outside of the office when assisting partners and associates at court; attending meetings with clients; attending legal seminars etc.

Research tasks are diverse and interesting, covering anything from land zoning and the CO2 Emissions Trading Scheme, to definitions of pollution offences and the categorisation of medical blood bags under European packaging law – not to mention noisy neighbours!

The team is small and specialist and this means you get an opportunity to be involved with matters at a high level.