Inclusion and Diversity

Trainee Development

Gillian Bourke- Construction

Gillian BourkeI joined the Construction & Engineering Group after completing the Professional Practice Course I.  I found my stint in this group to be both challenging and rewarding, as it provided me with a unique insight into the inner workings of a highly specialised practice, and the challenges inherent in such a context.  The group offers trainees a unique blend of contentious and non-contentious work.  We provide expert advice to stakeholders involved in every stage of the construction cycle from project procurement, execution and completion to disputes which may arise.

Accordingly, my main activities during the course of my rotation included: drafting contracts; preparing court documents; researching various topics; corresponding with Counsel and attending on Counsel in Court; responding to client queries and attending client meetings, mediations and arbitrations.  This varied working environment allowed me to utilise the academic techniques that I obtained in the course of my studies and enhance my practical and communication skills.  It also helped me confidently and competently to choose the area to which I am most suited and develop my legal expertise.

My experience in the Construction & Engineering Group has highlighted Arthur Cox’s commitment to the provision of an exceptionally varied, in depth and all-encompassing legal training.  The comprehensiveness of this training is complemented by the close working relationship between trainees and supervisors and the ‘open door’ policy upheld by every member of staff.