Inclusion and Diversity

Diyu Wu – TaxDiyu Wu | Tax Law | Asia Pacific | Arthur Cox

As the saying goes – nothing is certain except death and taxes. The fact that tax is heavily integrated into the commercial process of any company means that a trainee in this group gets a wide range of research and a variety of work to do including answering queries from colleagues in finance, property, employment, litigation and any number of others.


The trainee’s role in tax is often as a go to person for initial research and summarisation of key facts. Tax also involves filing required forms and the trainee is expected to help in ensuring submissions are made on time and in good order. Quite often the initial research that you have been asked to do can lead to a request for a contribution on legal opinions. It was very gratifying to see parts of my research and drafting being assessed and accepted by bodies such as the Revenue Commissioners in clarifying new areas of law.  A matter I would like to clarify is that exceptional mathematical skills are not required in tax, though a familiarity with figures is certainly helpful.

I would recommend this seat for anyone who is interested in engaging in research, drafting advice and is interested in the details of the financials behind companies.