Inclusion and Diversity

Aisling Carey- Corporate

I completed my undergraduate degree in Business and Law in UCD in 2009. I spent some time travelling before settling down to work and began my traineeship in Arthur Cox in May 2011. I was assigned to the Employment group for my first rotation. Having thoroughly enjoyed the work I did there, I decided to use the bursary which the firm provides to do the Professional Diploma in Employment Law in UCD. Following PPCI, I joined the Corporate 1 team.

The work of a trainee in the Corporate Department is extremely varied. A lot of the work is transaction based however you also get the opportunity to carry out research, attend meetings and closings and draft various documents such as board minutes, special resolutions, clauses in contracts. Trainees are given a lot of responsibility and are very much involved in the preparation of advice for clients.

During my time here I have had the opportunity to work on a number of large transactions. While transactional work can involve some late nights and a lot of hard work, it is extremely rewarding when you get to see a deal through to the end. Sometimes the structures and intricacies of transactions can be quite complex and confusing, especially when you join mid-way or towards the end of a transaction that has been going on for a number of months or even years. The partners and associates are always willing to explain the process and steps to you and ensure that you have a good understanding of the work you are doing.

The Corporate Department also provides trainees with information sessions where partners and associates teach you the skills and give you the background information you need to be able to fully participate in the work of your practice group. The Trainee Development Seminars are also an excellent way of really getting to grips with the work you have done as it is only when you have to explain something in plain English to the other trainees that you fully understand the work you have been involved with.