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Leah O'Mahony, Summer Intern

IMG_2351Leah O’Mahony

Studying in UCC, and coming from Cork, it had always been an ambition of mine to gain experience working in a large successful firm in Dublin.  When I began to research Arthur Cox I was incredibly impressed by the firms wide range of practice areas, award winning reputation both nationally and abroad and it’s inclusive and innovative ethos.  Fortunately after submitting my application for the four week summer internship programme which required a CV and cover letter I was invited to a group interview with other candidates and then to a single interview, both of which I found to be a pleasant and friendly experience.


Upon being accepted to the internship programme and being informed that I would be working with the Capital Markets Finance team I was unsure of what to expect having never considered Finance as an area that I might be interested in.  It was one of the most eye-opening experiences that I have had the pleasure to be a part of in my time at University.  The team, which included trainees and a trainee buddy for each intern, associates and partners, was professional, efficient but incredibly friendly, helpful, encouraging and always open to questions.  The work was challenging and diverse and what makes the internship programme such a rewarding experience is the level of responsibility that is awarded to the interns.


I was invited to sit in on meetings and client calls, asked to research issues in advance of these meetings and voice my opinion based on the research I had conducted.  I helped to draft prospectuses to be published to the Stock Exchange, learned administrative processes to be followed for various CRO applications and sat in on training sessions with the Finance Trainees during the week.  The internship not only changed my outlook on a potential career in Finance and more broadly in corporate law, but encouraged me to always have an open mind when opportunities present themselves.


Of course the work was only a part of that internship experience. The firm held intern events every Thursday where the interns got an opportunity to get to know each other during comedy shows, trampoline dodgeball, escape rooms and charity events and I still have friends today that I made during the four weeks that I spent in the firm.  The ethos and atmosphere that every person in the firm contributes to, was one of the reasons that when the internship was concluding and I was lucky enough to be considered for a training contract that I jumped at the opportunity.


I could not recommend the internship programme enough, whether it be to gain experience or to find out whether working in a corporate firm is something that might interest you, you will learn invaluable skills and network with a talented and impressive group of people which is an insightful experience no matter what career path you settle on.

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