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Fran Moran, Employment

Moran-Fran-WU-2015 (web)Fran Moran, Employment

Before passing my FE1 examinations, I completed a five year Bachelor of International Business and Law in University College Dublin. After securing a place on the Trainee Development Programme with Arthur Cox I sat my first rotation in the Employment Group.


Despite being relatively new to the firm, I was involved in top-class transactions, matters and cases, some of which have featured prominently in the very public Irish business world. A rotation in the Employment group is an excellent way to benefit from hands-on experience. Trainees are viewed as valuable members of the group. It is a rare event for a trainee to be seated at their desk for more than a few hours. My activities on a day to day basis varied from attendance at employment tribunals, injunction applications in the High Court, board meetings and client consultation meetings.


I was also heavily involved in the research of specific areas of employment law in order to ascertain the most suitable way to proceed in a particular case. This activity combines many of the skills that one requires to be a successful lawyer.


The Employment Group deals extensively with the various practice groups across the firm. Given the importance of employee rights in Ireland today, almost every takeover, merger or acquisition will require the input and expertise of the Employment Group. I attended client meetings regarding corporate takeovers and high-profile public transactions involving both Irish and international companies, which provided me with valuable exposure to all aspects of both the legal and business world.


As a trainee, I was also required to participate in the creation and submission of various documents. Between the filing of work permit applications, visa extensions and court proceedings, I spent time in the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation as well as the Central Office of the courts. These experiences quickly taught me the importance of ensuring the completeness of applications, requests and relevant legal documents.


Having completed the Trainee Development Programme with Arthur Cox, Fran is now an Associate in our Employment Group.

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