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Feidhlim Mac Róibín, Summer Intern

IMG_2313Feidhlim Mac Róibín

I applied to the Arthur Cox Summer Internship Programme in my second year in college.   After submitting my application form, I was called for a group interview.  I was not sure what to expect, and felt very nervous knowing that, as a second year student, the rest of the applicants in the group interview would have more experience of the study and practice of law than myself.  However, I was soon put at ease by the collaborative nature of the discussion.  Throughout the application process it was clear that the firm views you as a prospective colleague, and more than the sum of your grades and achievements.


When I was accepted on to the programme, I was placed in the Litigation department, where I was exposed to a wide variety of work with Irish and international clients.  Members of the team gave me responsibility for preparing letters and documents for court, and took time to sit down with me to review the work I had produced.  In addition, I was assigned research tasks which fed directly into the Litigation team’s knowledge base.  The challenge of the work given to interns at Arthur Cox, matched with helpful feedback, allows for a huge amount of personal development and learning over a short period of four weeks.


From your first day as an intern, you are viewed as a colleague by your team, who are always available to help with any questions you have.  Over the four weeks, interns are encouraged to get involved in the many social events run by the firm, which helps foster a close-knit and friendly atmosphere.  You also develop a close relationship with your fellow interns, many of whom will go on to become trainees in Arthur Cox.


The Internship Programme gives you an understanding of how law works in practice, how to think strategically in terms of the law, and how the law interacts with commercial challenges.   When you return to University, you find your understanding of the law greatly enhanced and deepened by what you learned as an intern in Arthur Cox.


Arthur Cox has a reputation for excellence which adds great value to any person’s CV.  This reputation is certainly not confined to Ireland: Between my two sittings of the FE1 exams, I interned with a senior commercial arbitration lawyer in New Delhi, India.  He was very impressed when he heard that I would be training as a solicitor with Arthur Cox, and repeatedly mentioned that he knew that the firm was extremely well-renowned.


The Summer Internship Programme at Arthur Cox gives you a real view of what it’s like to be a trainee solicitor in the firm.  Having completed the programme, you are very well equipped to decide to pursue a career in commercial law.  Furthermore, you gain an edge of practical legal awareness which, because of the level of work and the standard of the client base at Arthur Cox, is without parallel.

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