Trainee Development

A Balanced Approach

Fitness and Sport

The culture promoted within the firm is one of a healthy body is a healthy mind. This is evidenced by the many activities in which the firm engages and organises. Gym bags, yoga mats, tennis and badminton rackets, and cricket bags are regularly spotted every day of the week squeezing through the revolving doors.

The firm takes part in the Spring and Summer Irish Rugby Tag Association Leagues and has enjoyed many successes over the years. Soccer is another favourite and the team regularly competes in the final stages of the Solicitors’ League. Five-a-side soccer is another weekly instalment for those who have the skills to operate in confined spaces or for those who prefer the smaller soccer field! Trainees form an integral part of both teams and there is always competition for places.

Cycle-to-work competitions are also put in place for those with plenty of energy in the morning! The firm provides a regular free bike tune-up service on site as well as showers and lockers. Golfing and sailing lessons are frequently organised by the firm as post-work activities throughout the year.

The Annual Triathlon

Each year during the summer our colleagues organise a charity triathlon, which all members of the firm are welcome to enter. You can enter individually or, if you want, you can do  one leg of the three, as part of a team.

The triathlon is not just a teamwork building exercise; it also raises funds for our selected charities and our Zambian charity project.

The triathlon is an opportunity for everyone to unwind and socialise in a casual setting outside the office.

Social Events

There are plenty of events held throughout the year, ranging from tables quizzes and poker tournaments to lunchtime concerts at the National Concert Hall and summer barbecues. Other occasional lunchtime and evening activities include yoga, mindfulness sessions and art classes.

One of the biggest events in the trainee calendar is the ‘weekend away’ where all the trainees from the Dublin and Belfast offices get the opportunity to socialise together. The location is top secret right up to the point where you arrive at the gates of the venue which adds much suspense to the trip.

The key to putting yourself in a position to get involved and integrated in the firm is to be organised and efficient in what you do. Adopt a healthy and sustainable routine and commit to it. Be prepared to provide a good defence at your end of rotation evaluation if you haven’t!  A perfect career-life balance is probably not achievable but there is huge scope to find a level of comfort between the two that works for you. Meeting friends, having lunch, making it to training and keeping up hobbies should not be a bonus but the norm. Don’t settle for less. It is worth the effort.

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