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Watson Glaser Test

As part of our recruitment process this year, we have introduced the Watson Glaser test.

What is the Watson Glaser test?

The Watson Glaser test is a type of psychometric test designed to measure the candidate’s critical thinking.

What is Critical Thinking?

Critical Thinking is the ability to separate fact from opinion during decision making.

These tests are designed to measure the following skill sets:

  • The ability to identify problems
  • The general understanding of the importance of evidence when making conclusions
  • The ability to differentiate between inferences, abstractions and generalizations through applying logic
  • The ability to combine these skills above when making these decisions.

In general, if you do well on a critical thinking test you are likely to have good analytical, logical and comprehension abilities. You are also likely to be able to see an argument from both sides. For these reasons Critical Reasoning tests are seen as a good measure of potential lawyers.

Why is it relevant?

The test is used by many of the leading global law firms as it has a high predictive validity in identifying suitability for a career in law.

Why are we using it?

We are introducing the Watson Glaser test to ensure our recruitment process is objective and to improve diversity by ensuring that we are identifying the most suitable candidates.

How are we using it?

  • The Watson Glaser test will not be used as a filtering tool.
  • There will be no minimum score requirement.
  • The output of the test will be used in conjunction with the CV and Cover Letter to assist in the shortlisting process.

For more information on the Watson Glaser test please visit You can complete a practice test at

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