Ireland as a Location for Your Intellectual Property Trading Company


Author: John Menton, Conor Hurley, Caroline Devlin, Ailish Finnerty, Fintan Clancy

Ireland offers many advantages to companies seeking to establish a base in Ireland to exploit intellectual property.

There is a low corporation tax rate in Ireland and it has what is considered to be a business-friendly taxation regime. In certain circumstances a company carrying on a trade of exploiting intellectual property which it has acquired can achieve a very low effective tax rate. Ireland is a common law jurisdiction with an independent and efficient court system, a wide range of legal protections for the creators/owners of Intellectual Property Rights and the possibility of obtaining generous state grant assistance with research and development projects.

Ireland’s highly educated, English-speaking workforce provides a wealth of human capital. A long-standing member of the European Union, it has strong trading links both in Europe and with the rest of the world. It also boasts a unique relationship with the USA, which has resulted in significant rates of foreign direct investment and research and development over recent decades.

We have set out below a brief overview of some of the tax, legal and funding advantages that Ireland has to offer companies looking at locating in Ireland to exploit or develop intellectual property.

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