Private Client

The Practice

The Arthur Cox Private Client Group provides a comprehensive legal and taxation service in a wide variety of areas relevant to the individual needs of its clients. This service utilises the considerable experience and expertise of its private client practitioners to focus on the requirements of our Irish and international clients and includes advice on wealth management issues for both lifetime and on death disposals of assets. As well as focussing on their current issues we also help clients to plan for changes in their personal circumstances and those of their dependants.


We offer a wide range of services in our Private Client Group with a focus on delivering specific services as needed to suit each individual client’s needs. These services include:

Family Wealth Structures/protecting Family Wealth

Giving clients legal and taxation advice on protecting their family wealth and the structure to provide for that protection and facilitating the passing of family wealth to future generations. In particular providing advice on setting up and maintaining Family Trusts, Partnership and Shareholder Agreements dealing with family assets.


Advising clients on how best to implement their wishes in terms of the distribution of their estates on death, and drafting the appropriate client specific Will to meet those wishes.

Advising on trust or other protective arrangements for family members living with a disability or vulnerability.

Estate Planning

Providing clients with advice on the composition of their estate/assets and how best to plan for the distribution of same to their beneficiaries in the most appropriate and legal/tax-efficient manner.

Estate Solvency/Debt Management

Providing both lifetime and post death advice on management of private client finances to include dealing with claims of creditors, claims made against estates and dealing with insolvent estates.

Estate Tax Planning

Providing clients with comprehensive tax advice on lifetime gifts or disposal of their assets by inheritance.

Capital gains tax advice on disposal of family companies or other assets.

Providing advice on Executive remuneration and share schemes and benefits.

Implications of Cohabitation

Advising clients who are cohabiting on the redress scheme and possible orders (eg. for maintenance, pension adjustment; property and provision out of the estate of a deceased cohabitant) introduced by the Civil Partnership & Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010 (“the 2010 Act”). Also advising on drafting Cohabitation Agreements to regulate or limit rights under the 2010 Act.

Civil Partnerships

Advising clients on the Civil Partnership Registration Scheme and the consequent rights, obligations and protections available post registration, and further how to dissolve such Civil Partnerships. Providing advice on Civil Partnership Agreements.


Acting for clients in all aspects of establishing, varying and dissolution of Trusts, to include family and charitable trusts, as well as advising on the interpretation of existing Trusts.


Advising clients on their role as Trustees of a Trust, on the nature and extent of their powers under the relevant Trust deed, their statutory powers and on their dealings with beneficiaries of the Trust.

Powers of Attorney

Advising clients and their relatives on the benefits and completion of Ordinary Powers of Attorney and Enduring Powers of Attorney in order to facilitate proper care and maintenance of clients where they become incapable of looking after themselves.

Wards of Court

Giving advice to clients on bringing an application to make a person a Ward of Court, preparing the necessary documentation, advising the client during the term of the wardship, and on their dealings with the Wards of Court Office, and subsequently on how to bring that wardship to an end and distribute the estate of the ward.

Administration of Estates

Acting for clients in dealing with all aspects of administering estates to include reviewing Wills on death, advising personal representatives on distribution of the estate and legal and tax consequences of same, and on all dealings with the beneficiaries of the estate.

Probate/Trust litigation

Providing advice to beneficiaries of an estate as well as potential claimants to a share of an estate, to include acting on behalf of spouses, children, civil partners and cohabitants. Providing similar advice to Trustees and beneficiaries of a Trust to include representation in Court proceedings as well as out of Court settlement discussions for estate and Trust disputes.

Heritage Objects/Property

Providing clients with advice on the availability and application of Heritage Objects Relief and Heritage Property Relief and dealing with the Revenue Commissioners in relation to same.


Working with clients in the establishment and administration of Charities to include advising on tax exemptions available to Charities and applications to the Revenue Commissioners to secure same.

Prenuptial Agreements

Advising clients on drafting Prenuptial Agreements to safeguard family businesses and pre-marital assets and otherwise regulate or limit statutory rights on marriage.