Product Liability / Product Safety

The Practice

Our Product Liability and Product Safety Group has unrivalled experience in dealing with large-scale, complex, multi-party product liability litigation across a wide range of areas, including tobacco, telecommunications, blood products, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food and drink. We have acted in the defence of the largest product liability actions to have come before the Irish Courts.

The Group draws on unique expertise from throughout the firm and incorporates lawyers from its Life Sciences, Health and Safety and Food and Drink Groups as well as specialists in litigation, intellectual property, environmental, regulatory and healthcare law. We work with our clients across all sectors to further their commercial and business objectives.

We provide comprehensive and strategic product liability advice, both at the pre-litigation stage and in non-contentious cases. We advise clients in relation to risk management, product recall, crisis management strategies, specialist insurance advice and other related issues. Managing complex product liability litigation requires an overall strategy that is sensitive not only to the litigation environment and objectives but also to the commercial, regulatory and public relations concerns that inevitably accompany such situations.

Responding quickly and effectively to any potential product safety issue, including, where necessary, the implementation of recall procedures, is part of the unique service we offer our clients. Such situations can be potentially expensive, unpredictable, complex and often very reputation-sensitive. Protecting our clients’ reputations and business interests is our primary concern.

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