Digital Health

Ireland is home to over 900 software companies, including both multinational and indigenous firms. Supported by industry, academic, clinical and government agencies, this integrated and progressive community provides an encouraging environment for digital health companies looking to set up operations in Ireland.



Arthur Cox offers the combined knowledge of a multi-disciplinary team, advising in key areas to operating in the digital health market. Arthur Cox provides guidance on the regulatory, privacy, business and financial considerations affecting companies who seek to take advantage of the digital health opportunities Ireland has to offer. Arthur Cox partners with digital companies at each step in their strategic plans, including:

  • Classification of platforms, apps, wearables and other technologies, including compliance with forthcoming Medical Device Regulations
  • Processing and using data, including big data projects and compliance with forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation
  • Managing compliance, anti-bribery, reimbursement and other sales-related considerations
  • Assessing and mitigating risk
  • Investment and corporate financing
  • Licensing and collaboration
  • Meeting corporate governance requirements and expectations



  • Advising a startup online medical platform on all aspects of developing its product from healthcare regulation through to data protection and commercial advice.
  • Advising a large pharmaceutical company on the development of an online tool for healthcare professionals.
  • Providing product classification advice to a company developing a health and fitness app.