Arthur Cox Employment Law Yearbook 2013


Just published by Bloomsbury Professional, the Arthur Cox Employment Law Yearbook 2013 is designed to provide the latest information on areas that affected employment law in Ireland in 2013. It is a unique, up-to-date resource for lawyers, human resource professionals, management, public and private sector employers, employees and trade unionists, for whom keeping up to date in employment law is an ever-present challenge.  The third and lengthiest volume yet, the 2013 Yearbook reflects the increasing expansion of a complex corpus of employment law.

Accessible via the internet, the accompanying eBook gives the reader instant access to cases and materials from 2013 in employment law, data protection, freedom of information, pensions and taxation which have been selected by experienced lawyers in these fields. 

In addition, the 2013 Yearbook contains views and advice from recognised HR professionals on current employment-related issues.  This year there are contributions on Maximising Resources through Teamwork and Wellbeing in the Workplace.

Set out in alphabetical format for ease of use, the 2013 Yearbook features a new chapter on partnership law and also addresses the following areas of interest:

  • Decisions of the Irish courts, including the Superior Courts, the Labour Court, the Equality Tribunal and the Employment Appeals Tribunal
  • Irish legislative developments
  • UK common law and legislative developments
  • Decisions of the Court of Justice European Communities, decisions of the European Court of Human Rights and European legislative reform
  • Pension law reform
  • Data protection and freedom of information developments

This is an essential book for lawyers specialising in employment law and other relevant areas, as well as HR professionals and trade union officials.  Students studying employment law will also benefit from this invaluable, up-to-date resource.

The Arthur Cox Employment Law Yearbook 2013 is available to purchase on-line from Bloomsbury Professional by clicking here.