Companies Act 2014

How can Arthur Cox help?

As the Companies Act 2014 has been debated and reviewed, details of the steps that will be required on commencement (particularly in relation to conversion of existing companies) and subsequently have become more clear. Areas identified as being of general concern have been addressed here in relevant articles.

This information has been reviewed and updated, and areas considered in more detail, as the detail of the Act has become more apparent.

Of course all work must be tailored to the particular client, and Arthur Cox is ideally placed to assist with any work that may be required in this regard.

What do I need to do?

It will be key to the future success of Irish companies that they are prepared for the Companies Act 2014.

As a first step, the analysis set out in this site in respect of Volume 1 and Volume 2 will enable those involved with companies to become comfortable with the Companies Act 2014.

As specific questions arise, we would of course encourage clients to contact us directly for advice.